Success Stories



"With Jane's help I totally transformed my health and feel better than I have in decades!  As an ex-college athlete whenever I started gaining weight or was confronted with medical issues I immediately would go to the gym and attempt to exercise myself back to health.  But, what I learned is you can't exercise away a bad diet.  When I was confronted by my doctor with my additional weight, high triglycerides and dangerous cholesterol levels he threatened to put me on a statin, I knew I had to do something different.  With Jane's individualized guidance and support I made incremental and doable diet and lifestyle changes and have experienced dramatic results.  I lost 30 pounds in only three months, reduced my triglycerides by 100 points, reduced my cholesterol to healthy levels, reduced significantly my joint pain and much to my surprise my seasonal allergies!  As a Nurse and Health Coach, Jane knew exactly what medical challenges I was facing and worked with me to find easy and sustainable changes for me that have yielded tremendous results.  Working with jane was one of the best decisions I ever made!" - Chris D.


I would recommend Jane to anyone who is looking to make significant changes in their life but, doesn't know where to start. Jane was able to help meet me work towards my desires and goals to be more accepting and less stressed by giving me guided discussions that led to powerful self realizations. The biggest tangible changes I've noticed since the beginning the program has been no anxiety, lost 20 pounds, daily meditation and exercise. Jane is very caring and knowledgeable while still being a great guiding force. Jane has been the single biggest influence for me to accepting self-love and worthiness." - Liz P.

"Jane is a professional, empathetic, encouraging, knowledgeable and reliable coach.  As a result of working with her I achieved my goals of making healthier choices around my food and lifestyle.  I now have clearer skin, improved mental clarity and an overall feeling of being healthy.  I would recommend Jane as it was the best decision I made."
- Dawn N

"After so many failures, I finally found Jane's program which made all the difference in my health.  For the first time, I was shown how to set the personalized goals that I needed to believe I could actually have the results I wanted.  With the support and guidance I received, I was able to turn my hopes and dreams into real accomplishments." - Joan K

"My top 3 goals were weight loss, overcoming an addiction to sugar and incorporate healthy seasonal food and physical activity into my daily life.  Jane was able to help me create a more nourishing diet and lifestyle over time so I have lost the weight and kept it off while dramatically reducing my food cravings.  I have more energy, confidence and enjoyment in my food experiences and my relationships.  Jane is knowledgeable, dedicated, caring and fun to work with." - Yvonne M